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Trine 4 gets a trailer for Melody of Mystery DLC

Published: 23:39, 16 November 2020
Trine 4 - Mystery of Melody DLC
Trine 4 - Mystery of Melody DLC

Frozenbyte announced a new DLC for Trine 4, Melody of Mystery, and released a trailer alongside a list of features and explanation what the fans can expect.

Melody of Mystery does not have a proper release date just yet but Frozenbyte noted that the DLC will come to PC first and later on consoles. In the case of the latter, the release window is Spring 2021. PC players can expect it "soon".

Not unlike the rest of Trine series, it will be a story-driven DLC that presents new beautiful, fable-like, environments and puzzles that can be solves by either playing solo or co-op.

Players will get to jump into the boots of Amadeus, Zoya nad Pontius once again and travel to the Astral Academy where the students are stuck in an enchanted sleep and unable to wake up. They are dreaming of anything one might want which doesn't constitute a nightmare, at least not until they realise they can't leave of their own volition.

This is where our heroes come in and attempt to free the students across the six new levels and unpredictable dream worlds. While that unpredictability sounds nefarious, the heroes will have a few tricks up their own sleeves with new upgrades to their existing skills such as Freezing Blink, Explosive Objects, Ricochet Arrows, Hazard Trail, Leaping Lightning and Charged Dream Shield.

Despite the issues with Coronavirus, the devs have managed to get the DLC fully voice acted and toss in new gameplay elements on top of the aforementioned skills.

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