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Total War: Three Kingdoms 1.4.1 rebalances multiplayer unit costs, Liu Hong campaign

Published: 15:41, 04 February 2020
artwork showing factions from total war three kingdoms mandate of heaven dlc
Mandate of Heaven DLC is coming soon

Creative Assembly rolled out the 1.4.1 hotfix patch for Total War: Three Kingdoms and there's a lot to sift through, from multiplayer unit cost rebalancing, Liu Hong's campaign tweaks to general changes and improvements.

Total War: Three Kingdoms factions can Request Aid from their court just once per turn and Cao Song no longer thinks of himself as an Incompetent Leader, which is more hilarious than frustrating truth be told. 

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei bugs have been weeded out, both in the scenario where they spawn twice in Liu Bei's campaign, and with their spawning when Liu Bei's armies are on rivers. Speaking of Liu Bei, his armies will be more aggressive and less likely to run away immediately in one of the missions. 

"The new court added into the game for when the player became an Emperor was causing some crashes in existing save games, these crashes are now less likely to happen, but we still recommend players start a new campaign", Creative Assembly wrote. 

Liu Hong's campaign had a bunch of changes as well, fixing the fervour decreasing Tax Collector buildings, He Yi's premature dying and some inaccurately displayed finances. Total War: Three Kingdoms players can no longer leave the war to other members of the empire, thanks to the modified AI.

The Imperial Army units now start at half strength and the trade agreements are unlocked at half of the previous rate, which helps rebalance how much dough you get in the campaign. 

Total War: Three Kingdoms dev said they're currently looking to stomp out the following issues:

  • Emperors being able to invite other emperors into their empire
  • Broken Achievements for completing Liu Chong’s Trophy collection and Lu Zhi’s great Library
  • Issues with AI siege behaviour on multiplayer campaign

Creative Assembly Total War: Three Kingdoms character Cao Cao Total War: Three Kingdoms, Mandate of Heaven

The dev posted a long list of multiplayer unit costs, and they think it will make things a bit more balanced. The updated Total War: Three Kingdoms multiplayer unit costs are as follows:

  • Chen Peacekeepers: +75    
  • Imperial Household Cavalry: +345    
  • Jiazi Raiders: +70    
  • Messengers of Heaven: +20   
  • Mounted Sabre Defectors: -45    
  • Destroyer of Traitors: -55    
  • Imperial Lancer Cavalry: +260    
  • Mounted Lancer Defectors: +30    
  • Righteous Vanguards: +10    
  • Tyrant Slayers: +20    
  • Bringers of Peace: +150    
  • Chosen of the Eight Immortals: +200    
  • Exemplars of the Tao: +70    
  • Huanglao’s Paragons: +75    
  • Imperial Guard Captain: +765    
  • Imperial Sword Guard: +765    
  • Peasant Volunteers: +118    
  • Redeemed Outlaws: +27    
  • Sabre Defectors: +40    
  • Archer Defectors: +45    
  • Archer Gang: +50    
  • Chen Royal Guard: +210    
  • Imperial Palace Cavalry: +360    
  • Imperial Palace Crossbowmen: +370    
  • Poachers: -40    
  • Qiang Archers: -20    
  • Territorial Archer: +15    
  • The Land’s Chosen: -90    
  • Yaoguai Hunters: +95    
  • Ascetics of The Way: +95    
  • Defenders of the Empire: +75    
  • Fervent Defenders: +35   
  •  Gallants of the People: +105   
  •  Imperial Gate Guards: +280    
  • Ji Defectors: +75    
  • Qiang Polearms: +100    
  • Spearmen Gang: +80    
  • Stalwart Shields : -110    
  • Territorial Spearmen: +115    
  • Zealots of the Way: +60 

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