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Total War Saga - a spinoff series announced by Creative Assembly

Published: 20:37, 05 July 2017
Creative Assembly
Total War Saga

Creative Assembly just announced a Total War Saga. This will be a spinoff series with games that focus on specific pivotal moments in history. The first game will be "another spiritual follow-up to Total War: ROME II".

Creative Assembly announced a "new class of historical Total War game on PC". The games from the series will be released under a new name: Total War Saga, and they will be "standalone spin-off titles focusing on exciting pivotal moments in history rather than whole historical eras".

Jack Lusted, the game director on the first Total War Saga game, explained what makes a game a Total War Saga: "Total War Saga games will be the same mix of turn-based campaign strategy, real-time battle tactics and hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay as a regular Total War game, but focussed down on a distinct moment".

Creative Assembly Total War: Rome II Total War: Rome II

These won't be revolutionary nor introduce any new eras, they'll simply "follow-on from previous Total War games and inhabit the same time-period, or at the very least relate to it". The name Total War Saga will help the fans differentiate between a spin-off and and the next major title.

Mr. Lusted went on to explain that, even though these games will be focused on the historic moments that only lasted for a couple of months or years, the Total War Saga games will not be any shorter. "They’ll have a narrower focus, but they will still be the epic sandboxes players are familiar with". He offered Fall of the Samurai as an example.

Creative Assembly Total War: Rome II Total War: Rome II

When asked why he focused on mere moments, Mr. Lusted said: "They’re what I like to call table-flip moments in history, where events are in the balance and could go any number of interesting and unique ways". One can see how this makes these brief periods of time perfect for a Total War game.

We'll have more information about Total War Saga "pretty soon", but in terms of content, Mr. Lusted could say that: "it’s another spiritual follow-up to Total War: ROME II, like Total War: ATTILA, and moves the time period forward in much the same way".

You can read the full blog post .

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