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Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales pre-orders come with a twist

Published: 15:18, 28 September 2018
CD Projekt Red
Picture of some puny humans fighting each other in Thronebreaker

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is up for pre-ordering and CD Projekt Red followed up with their signature laid back attitude, favouring the customers by not recommending pre-orders in some cases and announcing no exclusive items.

Normally, we at AltChar consider pre-order peddling the same kind of plague upon gaming that the loot boxes are but CD Projekt Red managed to spin a twist on Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales pre-orders that made us love the company even more.

The pre-orders for Thronebreaker will feature exactly zero exclusive items or in-game bonuses, as Marcin Iwiński stated that it doesn't matter if you pre-order the game or buy it after launch since CD Projekt Red is not looking to "lure you in with exclusive item bullshit". For the Polish developers, the pre-orders are all about "the anticipation and excitement, and most importantly - showing support for the studios and games you love".

Iwiński continued to encourage the potential players to stay away from pre-orders in case they were unsure whether they want to play Thronebreaker or not. He added that if players needed more time and would rather wait for reviews, they should do so and buy the game post launch if they like it enough, as they will not "miss out on any of the goodies".

CD Projekt Red promised that Thronebreaker will feature "more than 30 hours of story" as well as  "over 75 side quests" which will likely result in positive reviews, as the game will cost $29,99 / €25,89 / ~£23. Another positive note on the price that is that CD Projekt Red actually bothered to properly convert currency values in order not to screw European players over.

CD Projekt Red Picture of a combat situation in Thronebreaker: A Witcher Tale Thronebreaker

As per CD Projekt Red's usual policy, Thronebreaker will be DRM free so once you buy the game, it is yours and no music label can lock you out of its contents in the future, let alone take the game away from you. You can find the full details about Thronebreaker on its .


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