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Three new Halo Infinite maps leak online

Published: 08:28, 27 September 2021
Halo Infinite - Leaked map
Halo Infinite - Leaked map

We got a ton of new Halo Infinite leaks over the weekend and one of them revealed three exciting screenshots of yet to be announced maps.

Over the weekend, 343 Industries hosted the second technical flight for their highly-anticipated shooter Halo Infinite, which we had to say was quite fun. And while we and many other players enjoyed the short test, others have data mined the game files to find some unannounced stuff like new maps and cosmetics such as charms. 

Three legit screenshots of yet to be revealed maps have been uploaded to Twitter via Halo Infinite news and leaks profile Halo Infinite Noticias & Filtraciones . All three of them look absolutely awesome and you can check them out embedded below and our personal favourite in the header image above.

Twitter Halo Infinite - Leaked map 2 Halo Infinite - Leaked map 2

Twitter Halo Infinite - Leaked map 3 Halo Infinite - Leaked map 3

343 Industries are yet to officially announce these maps so we don't know when exactly they will be in the game. Perhaps at launch? That would certainly be great but don't be surprised if these are part of 343 Industries' post-release plans. Though, this is just speculation on our end since we really don't know when will these be available in Halo - It wouldn't even be crazy if the maps are part of the next technical test.

Halo Infinite is officially launching on December 8, 2021, for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X via Game Pass. The game will launch with a full campaign and free-to-play multiplayer experience. 

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