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Halo Infinite battle pass will reportedly have 120 tiers

Published: 07:29, 01 October 2021
Halo Infinite battle pass
Halo Infinite battle pass

Recent leaks revealed the entire list of Halo Infinite battle pass items and judging by it, 343 have a total of 120 items for players to unlock. These include consumables, cosmetics and much more.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be completely free of charge, which is why 343 Industries have a pretty beefy Battle Pass with both free and paid tiers. We are yet to see the full battle pass, understandably so since we're still a couple of months away from the reveal, but some cosmetic items like helmets have previously leaked online and today, a new leak has the full list of Halo Infinite battle pass items. 

The list includes 120 items, meaning that Halo Infinite's battle pass will have a total of 120 tiers, both paid and free. Here is the image that lists all these items , sadly, we don't have the actual images of these items. 

The paid tier of the battle pass includes nine legendary and 33 Epic items. The rest of the list also includes Common and Uncommon items. We noticed that the free tier is massively inferior to the paid one so it will probably be worth spending some money if you are a sucker for shiny cosmetics. 

Some of the highlights in the battle pass include Noble teams armour, the superintended as a personal AI and Judgment Crown Armor FX, which is the final unlock in the paid tier. 

Reddit Halo Infinite helmets leak Halo Infinite helmets leak

Halo Infinite's battle pass will be tied to challenges, which means you won't be able to unlock these items simply by playing matches. Players have already voiced their discontent regarding this decision, though, it remains to be seen how exactly will this work. If the challenges are simple and don't require you to play with certain weapons, then it should be fine. Hopefully, 343 reveal more info about this very soon.

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