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Halo Infinite event Fracture: Tenrai is coming next week; here's the first look at the cosmetics

Published: 15:30, 19 November 2021
Halo Infinite - First MP event kick off next week
Halo Infinite - First MP event kick off next week

343 industries have revealed a first look at the cosmetics from Halo Infinite's first multiplayer event named Fracture: Tenrai

Halo Infinite multiplayer Season 1: Heroes of the Reach is soon introducing its first limited-time event that will bring special cosmetics to earn and game modes to play. Named, Fracture: Tenrai, the event will bring free content with 30 tiers of rewards, including a special (and very cool-looking) armour, a new badge and weapon coating skins. 

343 Industries did not share additional info about this event but they did share a very detailed image, where you can check out how everything we just described actually looks. 

Xbox Halo Infinite - Fracture: Tenrai rewards Halo Infinite - Fracture: Tenrai rewards

As for the challenges, we do not have an official confirmation if there will be new challenges for this specific event. We assume 343 will introduce new ones to help players unlock the rewards but until officially confirmed, take this as speculation and nothing more.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai event is coming sometime next week. 343 promised plenty of similar events during the game's seasons with different rewards and game modes. It's safe to say that the future of Halo Infinite multiplayer looks pretty solid.

Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is available now on PC via Steam and Microsoft Store as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. The official global launch for both multiplayer and the campaign is scheduled for December 8, 2021.

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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