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Fortnite's comet is still in the sky but meteorites are raining

Published: 19:13, 26 April 2018
Epic Games
A meteorite is falling in Fortnite Battle Royale.
Fortnite Battle Royale - Meteorite

Meteor sounds were datamined from Fortnite's files on 25 April 2018 flaring up speculation that the comet might finally fall down from the sky. Well it didn't, but meteorites are raining, likely serving as an intro for the main event.

Data miners have leaked a list of meteor sounds from Fortnite Battle Royale's files that were added after patch 3.6.0. Considering the players' hype for the comet that was visible for a while now, it is no wonder they jumped at the opportunity to craft about it once again. 

The comet is still in the sky though, but meteorites are reportedly landing just about everywhere in the game. They are are likely the herald of the inevitable larger impact by a proper meteor that is expected to flatten Tilted Towers. This particular location is still standing and chances are they will remain untouched until Season 4 begins.

Meteorites are minor events that can ruin a player's day from time to time and of the map such as trees and fences. It looks a bit kooky on the video though, as the tree and fence in question are visibly destroyed before the meteorite comes in contact with them.

Other instances of the meteorite strikes can cause a bit more trouble for the players, for example when they on those huge towers someone built. Even though meteorites are evidently capable of environmental destruction, there are no reports of players suffering major damage from an impact yet. This is likely intended by Epic Games, because getting randomly killed by a meteorite would be rather anti climactic. 

Epic Games have also confirmed that an impact is imminent and also the superhero theme they intend to incorporate for the Season 4 of Fortnite. Season 3 is going to end next week, and that's when we can also expect Tilted Towers to be reduced to ash.

Epic Games Comet above Tilted Towers from Epic's game Fortnite Fortnite

There are also  that were found on top of Tilted Towers, likely a nod from Epic Games towards all the fan theories. It's still a mystery if the UFO picture from those signs is a simple joke or it means alien landing is also planned in Fortnite's future.

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