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Negan is making his way from The Walking Dead to Tekken 7

Published: 11:56, 06 August 2018
Bandai Namco
Picture of Negan's silhouette from the upcoming Season 2 Pass in Tekken 7
Tekken 7 - Negan

Weird crossovers continue in Bandai Namco's games as Negan from AMC's The Walking Dead joins Tekken 7's roster. The new trailer for Season 2's pass showcased two out of three new characters and teased the third with a barb-wired bat.

Bandai Namco's Season 2 pass trailer offers first glimpses at old but new characters from Tekken series. Lei Wulong and Anna Williams are making a comeback as they were not available earlier. 

Anna is shown duking it out with her rival sister Nina, wearing a black dress as opposed to Nina's white gown. Some of her special moves include throwing knives that could be concealed under her dress and a rocket launcher. It remains a mystery where she keeps that one.

Lei Wulong is shown fighting with Marshall Law, probably because they represent Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee respectively, as they barely had any story interaction in previous Tekken games. His moves are seemingly dictated by his stance, since crane and tiger techniques for example feature different but apparently devastating attacks.

The third reveal would take the cake, if it was an actual reveal. Negan was only teased, with no gameplay shown whatsoever. From the little info that the trailer offered, it was evident that he would be bringing his signature barbed wire bat, Lucille, to Tekken 7. Other than that, little is known about Negan's moves. At least Yoshimitzu won't be the only one carrying and actively using a weapon anymore.

One interesting notion is that of Katsuhiro Harada from more than one year ago, when he stated that Negan  to fight in Tekken universe, even if he had his bat along. If Gon used to be powerful enough, then the power level argument is as least silly as Tekken's roster.

Bandai Namco Picture of some weirdo in a bathing suit about to fight in Tekken 7 Tekken 7

While the statement could be understood as a jab, it probably doubled down as a teaser for the Season 2 pass, although it wasn't clear until recently. There is currently no pricing on the pass itself although it's presumably the same price as the Season 1 pass, with the option to purchase characters in a bundle or separately.

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