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The Overwatch League now has new teams for London and Los Angeles

Published: 14:11, 10 August 2017
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Two more teams from The Overwatch League have been acquired. The team for London was purchased by Jack Etienne of Cloud9, and Stan and Josh Kroenke purchased a team for Los Angeles.

Latest team sales have been announced today by The Overwatch League. Esports organisation founder Jack Etienne of Cloud9 scored the team for London, and sports industry leaders Stan and Josh Kroenke purchased a team for Los Angeles.

Last month the League that seven leading entrepreneurs and organisations from traditional sports, esports, and the technology sector, purchased a team representing major global cities from Boston to Shanghai.

Blizzard Overwatch League Overwatch League

With the announcement made today, the League now includes teams from Asia, Europe, and North America, including two teams for Los Angeles.

The League itself is set to launch later this year, with an official player signing window for Season 1 now open from 01 August to 30 October, 2017. You can read the details

Now for some quotes by the people involved in the latest transaction:

"The Overwatch League continues to have great momentum," said Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. "We’re thrilled to add Jack Etienne of Cloud9 and Stan and Josh Kroenke of the Los Angeles Rams, Arsenal Football Club, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche to our group of extraordinary Overwatch League owners around the world. They will enhance our ability to celebrate and reward players and fans in Los Angeles, London, and beyond."

Blizzard Overwatch League Overwatch League

"Overwatch is a global game, with heroes - and players - from around the world, so it's important to us that as many Overwatch League fans as possible have local or regional teams to root for," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "In addition to broadening the competitive field for Season 1, we're excited that today's announcement helps set the stage for more epic intercontinental rivalries."

"Building communities around the best competitive experiences in the world is incredibly rewarding, and the Overwatch League offers the chance to create something special," said Josh Kroenke, cofounder of KSE Esports. "We’re impressed by the vision and strategy for the League, and we’re going to build a great team for Los Angeles that inspires fans near and far."

Blizzard Overwatch League Overwatch League

"We applaud the creation of the Overwatch League, and couldn't be happier partnering with an organization that shares our values and vision of serving athletes, teams, and fans," said Jack Etienne, founder and CEO of Cloud9. "We are thrilled that Cloud9’s formidable fan base throughout Europe and the UK now has a local team to call their own, and can’t wait to start representing London in the Overwatch League."

More info about the The Overwatch League will be shared over the coming months.

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