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Overwatch League: SF Shock beat Vancouver Titans in Grand Finals

Published: 10:40, 30 September 2019
San Francisco Shock celebrating winning OWL Finals
Overwatch League, San Francisco Shock win Grand Finals

Last night's Overwatch League's Grand Finals are behind us but in spite of some hard-fought battles, the end result looks pretty close to a clean wipe. Namely, San Francisco Shock beat Vancouver Titans with a resounding 4 - 0 result.

The match was played in Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center, which was fully sold out for the occasion, and while it was nice to have the season's conclusion, we can't say the match was explosive as some that came before. 

Nevertheless, it was far from a boring one even though it was pretty clear from the outset that San Francisco Shock well on their game and fully determined to maintain their winning streak. 

Overwatch League's Grand Finals kicked off on Lijiang Tower, where Shock and Sinatraa's Doomfist pummeled the Titans into submission with a 2-0 score. Vancouver hoping to counter with Brigitte, but that didn't work out as planned.

The second map was Eichenwalde and although the match was picking up the pace, Vancouver couldn't find a way through. would not be denied though and Rascal's Pharah was singled out for praise for some delightful clutching.

Titans' capture of Point A on Temple of Anubis, the third map, looked encouraging but it only seemed to anger SF Shock, who turned it over and steamrolled Vancouver and take a 3-0 advantage. Gibraltar didn't prove much more successful for the Titans either, and the end result was a decisive 4-0.

Hyo-Bin "Choihyobin" Choi has been awarded the title of the Overwatch League 2019 Grand Finals MVP, and the vote is a combined one, i.e. it includes fans, team coaches, analysts, etc. 

Jay Won said, "This has just been my dream for a long time now [...] All of our teammates… this was their biggest goal, and we made it 4-0."

Blizzard Logo for Overwatch League showing a silhouette of Tracer on it. Overwatch League

In case you haven't followed SF Shock's exploits, they had an impeccable record of 28-0 on maps, the league's MVP and a few more, but their biggest success is the 20-0 map win run, which brought them out of the loser's bracket to win the prestigious title of Overwatch League champion.

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