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Overwatch World Cup teams to get dedicated skins

Published: 20:30, 27 October 2017
Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch World Cup will be made all the more fun and watchable with the new team uniforms, an updated UI, a third person smart camera and more. The Uniform concept will premiere at BlizzCon on 03 and 04 November.

Hello everyone. Jeff from the Overwatch team has graced us with another Developer Update. This one is all about eSports. Let's see: we have some team uniforms coming, an updated UI, a third person smart camera and more.

First up, the threads. Look good feel good, you know. Here's the thing: watching the Overwatch eSports can get a tiny bit confusing due to the fast action. The solution the Overwatch team has come up with is simple but well liked. Uniforms. The concept will premiere at BlizzCon on 03 and 04 November.

Redditors love it already:

Blizzard Overwatch Overwatch

All teams that qualified for the World Cup finals will get their own uniform. The uniforms will be "home" and "away" coloured. The visual effects will receive a similar overhaul - explosions and other effects will "adopt the team colour".

Broadcasters are getting a new top down interactive map. The map lets the broadcasters see the entire game map at once. Also, they'll be able to see which Hero is under which effect as well as the state of their Ultimate. It'll be like a 2D overlay on a 3D map. The overlay is going to help the broadcasters convey the action much better.

The observers are about to get some help as well. First, they're getting a third-person smart camera. That camera always knows where the best action is and it always displays the most interesting stuff. Also, the camera will move much more smoothly. The broadcasters will also have a special interface with the option to select a moment from the kill feed to be replayed.

Blizzard Overwatch Overwatch

Next up, some human errors are being exterminated by the rise of the complete automated tournament interface for the contestants. Another new feature will automatically pause the game the moment a player disconnects. More improvements will pour in as the time goes by.

That concludes this Developer Update. Have fun at BlizzCon.

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