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Serious Sam VR 'Giant' Update

Published: 10:53, 06 January 2017
Serious Sam VR

You can now look down on Mental's hordes

Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter just got a major update. The biggest (chuckle) feature of the update is a new scaling option, allowing you to adjust world and gun size for some interesting results.

Next to numerous small upgrades and bug fixes, in response to user requests on the Steam forums, new locomotion features have also been added. Gamepad and keyboard/mouse support as well as blink teleportation are now an option. 

CroTeam Serious Sam VR - Magic Gun, make my monster groooowww! CroTeam Serious Sam VR -

You can take a look at the bigger and longer patch notes , since - y'know, size matters!

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