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The Falconeer's "beastly" update rebalances weapons arsenal

Published: 16:23, 16 January 2021
Wired Productions
The Falconeer, Peteh's Airborne Emporio
The Falconeer, Peteh's Airborne Emporio

Falconeers ahoy - there's a new "beastly" update for The Falconeer and it does some weapon rebalancing, tweaking of visuals and adds an exciting new trader.

Perhaps the most notable changes are the one to Magnetar rifles and Lightning Casters, as the former's damage has been dropped by 30 per cent. This is due to the DPS being simply too high, and Lightning Caster rate of fire has been increased to match Magnetar's DPS.

Purify chant has been nerfed to only explode subtargets 30 per cent of the time, which is probably a good call considering the staggering difference it made in gameplay. I mean, we didn't complain about it, naturally, but hey - it's been fixed, so no need to worry. 

In terms of locations, Shard and Oberon's Reach no longer offer low-level side missions - it's either warfare or nothing. Additionally, Port Remit has received a trader for "future stuff", which is quite exciting. 

You can find the full patch notes below.

Wired Productions The Falconeer and the Kraken The Falconeer and the Kraken. Battle of "the"s.


  • Magnetar rifle damaged lowered by 30%, DpS was much too high
  • Lightning caster rate of fire increased, to match DpS of Magnetar
  • RoF of Razor Beetles reduced a bit, to prevent overwhelming swarm fire
  • Purify chant, reduced effectiveness to only critically explode subtargets 30% of the time
  • First enemy encounter in epilogue removed, to prevent being spotted later
  • Shard and Oberon's Reach no longer have low level side missions (no deliveries or salvage and such). Only warfare side missions
  • Default Mancer player bird lowered several stats
  • Added a trader for future stuff to Port Remit


  • Battlemap and Dialogue sequences now auto-continue without input
  • Worldmap now snaps and attracts to markers, making navigating it easier
  • Worldmap now has a center reticule
  • Worldmap now has a custom map pin you can set with SELECT and shows up on your compass
  • Moved a gate for the southern time trial to make it less daunting
  • Cinematic zoom on enemies disabled during stealth sequences
  • Mouse controls improved on world map


  • New color appropriate nozzle firing FX, that scale with weapon quality
  • Player rider model has had a major detail upgrade, gone is the ultra angular rider in your photomode shots


  • Inverted control settings would revert when opening the controller menu 
  • Prevention of fast travel prompt remaining stuck
  • Fixed ace of aces achievement to the correct count
  • Swapping out a weapon in a store , will refund your old weapon value
  • Charging in a storm will not change the type of ammo-pot, if the pot being charged is more valuable than the "charged" result. So if you charge a high value green pot in a blue storm,, it will remain a green pot
  • Mouse hitbox for settings button scaled up to include entire button area

The Falconeer, an aerial combat RPG by Tomas Sala and Wired Productions

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