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The Division Resurgence: How to join the closed alpha?

Published: 09:35, 07 July 2022
The Division Resurgence closed alpha kicks off soon
The Division Resurgence closed alpha kicks off soon

Here is how to join The Division Resurgence closed alpha, which kicks off soon on mobile, both iOS and Android. 

Ubisoft announced that the first closed alpha test for the upcoming mobile title The Division Resurgence is just around the corner and the good news is, everyone can register right now for a chance to participate in the test. 

So if you're excited to try this one out, here's everything you need to know about the closed alpha including how to register and when you'll get to play.

The Division Resurgence - How to join the closed alpha?

To do so you will want to follow a few easy steps here  where Ubisoft will ask you some questions about your gaming habits and the mobile device you own. Soon after, if you are selected to join the test you will get an email inviting you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the game, after which access to The Division Resurgence will be granted.

Starting a few days before the Closed Alpha, several waves of invitations will be sent out to players depending on the devices and locations that Ubisoft decide to test first. More information will be shared on this topic soon.

Ubisoft The Division Resurgence The Division Resurgence

What if you don't get an invitation? 

Do not worry if you aren’t invited at the start of the Closed Alpha, there will be other opportunities to play The Division Resurgence later on. Ubisoft did not confirm other tests just yet but it's almost certain that more alpha and beta tests are on the way. 

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