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Tencent acquire a majority stake in Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager

Published: 13:07, 22 June 2021
Yager Development
Captain Walker is shooting someone with his M4A1 in the desert.
Spec Ops: The Line

Chinese gaming giant Tencent have officially acquired a majority stake in German developer Yager, who are known for Specs Ops: The Line and the most recent shooter The Cycle.

The video games industry leader Tencent have officially increased their stake in Yager, the German development studio behind the excellent shooter Spec Ops: The Line, it's been reported by German website Games Wirtschaft.

At the moment, the financial details and the exact scope of the investment are not clear. Both Tencent and Yager did not disclose any details regarding this but we expect to get some info at the coming investor calls.

Yager founder Timo Ullmann said that the deal made sense for both sides after the initial minority stake acquisition. 

"This decision was not made spontaneously but has grown over time. We decided to start with a minority stake first to see how it goes," he said. "When it became clear that it made sense for both sides, we prepared the next step. And then, of course, the whole process takes time, because there are many formalities involved."

Yager Picture of a player in The Cycle with their sniper rifle The Cycle

The devs also confirmed they are about to re-launch their shooter The Cycle, which was released in early access, with significant changes, based on the feedback they've received from players.

"And late last year, we decided to respond with some significant changes while maintaining the game's DNA. So in the last few months, we've put together all the good ingredients into a whole new recipe from The Cycle."

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