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Superhot VR Forever update announced

Published: 16:45, 24 January 2017
Superhot VR

New modes and challenges coming to the indie hit-turned Oculus Touch standout title 

Oculus announced the first big update for Superhot VR in this year. The update will bring new game modes and challenges, as well as add hours of gameplay.

Superhot VR Superhot VR

Challenges and game modes include:

• Test your aim where only headshots take out enemies,

• Race against your best score in bullet time and real-world time,

• Try to complete the game without shooting,

• Get hardcore with faster enemies and less reaction time,

The most mental one of all, however, is the "10 minute challenge", which gives the player ten minutes to complete the game.

Superhot VR Superhot VR

Lead designer Cezary Skorupka explained the new challenges: “The community is awesome at this game—way better than us! We need to keep them happy, so we looked for ways to make Superhot VR even more challenging.” Seems like they managed to achieve their goal.

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