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Streets of Rage 4 gets final fighter and multiplayer gameplay

Published: 22:12, 24 February 2020
Streets of Rage 4
Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4's release day is approaching and Dotemu revealed some of the more interesting things that should glue the fans to their screens in anticipation, including the last playable character and the different multiplayer modes.

Floyd Iraia will be the fifth and final playable character in Streets of Rage 4, or at least will be at launch. While the developers didn't announce any post-launch plans, it is not excluded that some could be added.

Back to the known facts, Floyd is a heavily augmented fighter with metal hands that can extend. While his size means he is sluggish, it also bestows him with the best reach and powerful attacks. Those who are getting Dr. Zan vibes will not be far off the mark as Floyd's arms are the old cyborg's courtesy. 

You can check him out in action in the video embedded below. 

The bulky brawler is not the only bit of news Dotemu offered though. Both online and offline multiplayer were confirmed in the same trailer. There will be some differences in online and offline multiplayer modes, however.

For some reason, the online part of multiplayer will be limited to two players at a time, which good enough on its own. Local co-op, on the other hand, will support up to four players at one time.

This means four out of five initially playable characters will be able to join the frame simultaneously but the reasons for the two-player limitation when it comes to online have not been divulged.

Streets of Rage 4 still doesn't have an exact release date but there is a confirmation in the video's description that states PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will all get the game in spring 2020.

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