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Strange Brigade gets a commentary gameplay trailer

Published: 14:55, 16 June 2017
Updated: 06:53, 20 September 2018
Strange Brigade

Rebellion Developments are wrapping up work on a their latest singleplayer and co-op focused title - Strange Brigade. The game is set in the 1930s and it sees four characters with special abilities traveling across the British Empire.

Strange Brigade is under development by the people who brought us Sniper Elite and Zombie Army. Rebellion is now making a 1-4 player co-op adventure, set in 1930s. A group of four people, all with their own special abilities goes against supernatural foes and explores all corners of the British Empire.

The official press release stated that "You’ll explore the ancient world as one of four dashing explorers, each blessed with their own weapons, tactics, and special superhuman powers". Furthermore "You’ll fight back-to-back against a terrifying army of mythological menaces, unleashed by no less than a resurrected Egyptian witch queen".

Now we have actual gameplay footage. The game will feature both co-op and single player options. Replay of each level is encouraged by the prospect of treasure. Mmmmm treasure. The more loot you find the better weapons you'll be able to afford.

There are also special weapons, for example Krakatoa, "the fiery shotgun" that, not only blows up your enemies, but also sets them on fire. An interesting mechanic is the amulet meter. The meter fills up a bit every time you deal or sustain damage and when it becomes fully loaded you can unleash hell in the form of a "special power".

Rebellion Strange Brigade Strange Brigade

Environmental damage is an option as well, as there are some glowy orbs you can shoot to open up a spinning blade trap. The co-op mode comes in handy when you find out there are some secret areas sprinkled throughout the game. The glowing doors that seal the secret area off can only be opened by a certain member of the team.

Strange Brigade is coming soon for PlayStation 4, PC (via Steam) and Xbox One.

Rebellion Strange Brigade - Jenna Dewan Tatum? Strange Brigade - Jenna Dewan Tatum?

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