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Stellaris Console Edition Changes With Upcoming Unrevealed Patch

Published: 09:34, 07 April 2022
Paradox Interactive
Ancient Aliens and Pyramids, enough said
Ancient Aliens and Pyramids, enough said

Stellaris developers are teasing a, yet unknown, patch with the recent developer diary. And, though they can't tey reveal the full scope of the patch, or its name, what we know now is proof enough of how good it is.

One of the biggest changes coming in the next version of Stellaris: Console Edition is the addition of Industrial Districts. Industrial Districts replace Alloy Foundries and Civilian Industries as the primary source of Alloys and Consumer Goods.

Each Industrial District provides +2 Housing, and 1 Artisan, Consumer Goods, and 1 Metallurgist job. Similar to City Districts, Industrial Districts are uncapped, meaning they are not limited by Planetary Features and are instead limited by the total number of districts a planet can support.

The Alloy Foundry and Consumer Goods buildings are now limited to one each per planet and provide an additional 2 Artisan or Metallurgist jobs. The upgrades of these buildings provide an additional +1 and +2 output per job, in exchange for increased job upkeep. 

There are also new Planetary Designations that will affect the number of Metallurgist/Artisan jobs produced by Industrial Districts. Designating a planet a Forge World will shift 1 Artisan job per Industrial District to a Metallurgist job, and vice versa for the Industrial World designation.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris: Console Edition - Baol Species Stellaris: Console Edition - Baol Species

With that said, though, in the next update, building slots will unlock by increasing the infrastructure of the planet. Building City Districts, or their equivalent, and upgrading your Capital Buildings will now open up more building slots on the planet. As well there are two new technologies that will also unlock a building slot, as well as a tradition in the adaptability tree for those who have access to it, as well.

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