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Undead Labs tease more State of Decay 2 gameplay during PAX East

Published: 17:15, 06 April 2018
Undead Labs
Survivors are fighting zombies near a forest in State of Decay 2.
State of Decay 2

Undead Labs have been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to State of Decay 2's gameplay footage, only releasing a trailer every now and then. This was changed during PAX East 2018 thanks to the available demo booths.

Undead Labs have posted another gameplay trailer for their upcoming zombie survival game State of Decay 2. Barring the IGN exclusives, there was barely any gameplay info before this and some of the game's mechanics remained a mystery. Game mechanics look the same as in the original game for the most part, with somewhat refurbished animations and definitely better graphics. There are also some fixes that weren't present in the original State of Decay.

For example, many players wanted to know if the fuel consumption will make a debut, since it didn't work in the original game, even though the developers intended to introduce it. The game had many patches and two DLCs later on but fuel consumption never made it back into the game. Well, it works in State of Decay 2 as you can see at 1:30 in the video above. Fuel meter is represented by the yellow line in top left corner of the screen and it slowly goes down as the play drives the car around.

Undead Labs State of Decay 2 State of Decay 2

Combat also introduces some new mechanics. While players had different forms of crowd control in the original State of Decay, such as sweep kicks, body slams and spin kicks, these were all dependent on the survivors' pre-rolled backgrounds. For example a survivor with Powerhouse trait could do the body slam but couldn't do a sweep kick.

The new gameplay trailer shows characters will be able to toss zombies into one another but it is still unknown if they will need a special trait to pull this move off. There are also completely new finisher animations for killing Juggernauts that look pretty satisfying, especially because they are such a thorn in everyone's side.

Undead Labs Screenshot from State of Decay 2 showing a Juggernaut zombie running at the player's character. State of Decay 2 - I'm the Juggernaut b%$#

There will also be more community management in State of Decay 2, as players will be able to designate leaders within the survivor groups. Speaking of the groups, apparently players will be able to take old, wrinkly ladies for scavenger runs. I wonder if some of them will have the Powerhouse trait, for the sake of political correctness.

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