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Stardew Valley's update will let you raise your own fish

Published: 17:08, 06 September 2019
Fish Ponds, upcoming feature in Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley, Fish Ponds

In one of his more recent tweets, ConcernedApe revealed that Stardew Valley's upcoming 1.4 update will be introducing fish ponds, which are new farm buildings that let players raise their own fish and collect eggs and other products.

It's almost been a full year since Stardew Valley's last big update, and we're sure players will welcome the novelties. The game's creator now gave us a look at the farm buildings that let you bring a bit of the sea to your doorstep.

As you can see from the image, you'll still be able to fish from the new ponds, although they're more about growing your own schools than honing your fishing skills.

That's not all though as ConcernedApe seems to have left a few more novelties in the frame. In fact, Reddit users are reporting new hats and even a new type of cat. No, it's not the cat in the hat - they're completely unrelated.

Unfortunately, if you were looking forward to the actual release date, we'll have to disappoint you, but for what it's worth - it looks like we're getting dangerously close to the release.

ConcernedApe's earlier blog update teased the , a multiplayer-friendly map with a shared dungeon, community centre and so on. Additionally, it will let players separate their Stardew Valley money pools if they choose to do so.

"If you have an existing multiplayer farm, money will remain shared, but you can go to the Mayor's house to separate (or re-join) the money at any time. If you separate it, the current funds will be split evenly among the players. For new farms you can set the option at start", the dev wrote. 

ConcernedApe Stardew Valley, new farm map called Four Corners Stardew Valley, Four Corners

If you're an anti-social type of Stardew Valley, then worry not as Four Corners will be playable in singleplayer too. It is, however, tailored for co-op play, so you're probably missing out.

You can find ConcernedApe's announcement .

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