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ConcernedApe the Stardew Valley creator moves to self publishing

Published: 15:43, 01 December 2018
Stardew Valley players standing in one place while their farm is unattended.
Stardew Valley - It's a party in Pelican Town! Well not yet, but soon.

Stardew Valley initially kicked off as a one-man-project but Eric Barone, going by the name ConcernedApe was later helped by Tom Coxon and chose Chucklefish as his publisher in the following months. Now it seems like it's time to split up.

Stardew Valley is a farming RPG that pleases just about any eye that makes contact with it. The game turned out to be a wild success, with ConcernedApe doing most of the development and Tom Coxon doing the network code for multiplayer. 

Publisher Chucklefish propelled the game to Steam and handled sales for the most part, but ConcernedApe will be doing that part too from now on. According to his blog post, he will handle the publishing for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita, while Chuckelfish will continue publishing Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

ConcernedApe thanked Chucklefish for their partnership where the company oversaw distribution of the game as well as localisation and console ports, as he was "a complete novice in the video game industry" and needed someone else to do these tasks.

On top of that, Chucklefish set up the official wiki and their employee, Tom Coxon, helped ConcernedApe with creating multiplayer for Stardew Valley as he added the network code.

While the partnership with Chucklefish was a fruitful one, Braone said that he is now ready to go into self-publishing, which is the dream of every indie developer. Chucklefish shared the kind sentiments by stating that they were "proud to be part of the Stardew Valley story" after which they extended wishes for ConcernedApe, in hopes he finds success with his self-publishing venture.

ConcernedApe Screenshot of Stardew Valley community centre intro sequence Stardew Valley

The changes will officially happen on 14 December 2018, when all the versions of Stardew Valley, except for Switch and mobile, will forego Chucklefish as the publisher. On top of that, ConcernedApe teased more content updates, by telling players they should expect "some more announcements" concerning the future of Stardew Valley.

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