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EA are bringing microtransactions back to Star Wars Battlefront II

Published: 06:53, 14 April 2018
Space ships are fighting in Star Wars Battlefront II.
Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II's revamped microtransaction system is making a debut, just as EA's team of executives was shuffled. This time around, the game will only sell Crystals for real currency and they can only get you cosmetic items.

If someone had been living under a rock for the past six months, they could have missed the whole microtransaction disaster that happened thanks to Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2 in late 2017. This resulted in Destiny 2 being relatively deserted after waves of empty apologies by Bungie and Activision, but EA reacted by completely swiping their malevolent microtransaction system in its entirety.

EA DICE have added over 50 new cosmetic items in the latest update for Star Wars Battlefront II, in preparation for the microtransaction system re-introduction. These items can also be bought with in-game currency so the players will not be forced to pay for them. It is not known yet how much grind will be necessary for unlocking these cosmetics but that may be less important, as these items do not give any in-game advantage to players.

EA Ewoks are looking bloodthirsty in Star Wars Battlefront II. Star Wars Battlefront II Ewoks

The latest update will also bring playable Ewoks to the game, in a time-limited game mode named Ewok Hunt. The title is somewhat misleading as Ewoks will be the hunters, instead of the hunted. The mode will pit them against a group of stormtroopers whose objective will be to survive until an extraction team arrives. Ewoks' objective will be to wipe the stormtroopers out, and any fallen soldiers will respawn as Ewoks which could potentially snowball the fight in the furries' favour.

Endor update also added increased credit rewards for the winning team which could potentially help players out in kitting out their Barbie dol... erm, Heroes and Villains. Bear in mind that the progression system was also recently which should make the game more enjoyable.

EA Kylo Ren and some Stormtroopers on Starkiller Base Star Wars: Battlefront II

There are still two questions remaining, is it too little too late for Battlefront II and how long will it take EA to relapse to their predatory practices? They did, after all, elect the man who as their CEO.

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