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Star Citizen - huge Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences update is now live

Published: 17:44, 10 November 2021
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen - Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences update
Star Citizen - Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences update

Cloud Imperium Games just rolled out a massive update for Star Citizen. Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences update introduces some new mechanics and loadout options.

Star Citizen's Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences update introduces a bunch of new systems, with a focus on new hospitals and medical gameplay, including injury and recovery mechanics. On top of this, players can look forward to meaningful updates to personal inventory systems that will make managing loadouts a bit more of a tactical endeavour.

Star Citizen -- Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences update key features

Player Health System: Players can now be "downed" if they are wounded and can be revived by players to get back into the fight. Downed players can call for a rescue from nearby players, but they can still be killed by other players and NPCs. Killed players will leave their items behind, which can then be looted. Injuries can also be applied to specific body parts, including the head, torso and limbs, that now impact gameplay until the injury is healed. Head injuries can now trigger dizziness and a wounded limb may make it more difficult to aim. These injuries come in three tiers from Tier 1 (most severe) to Tier 3 (least severe).

Healing and Healing Tools: Players can temporarily heal themselves and other players with a variety of new healing tools, including the CuraLife Medical Gun and Multi-tool Healing Beam attachment. Healing tools will also increase the player’s blood drug level, which can come with deadly side effects if allowed to rise, including blurred vision, muffled audio, and even a "downed" state. The new mechanics gave rise to a new gameplay profession: a medic-style role to travel the 'verse and heal other players.

Hospitals and Medbeds: New hospitals can be found in Orison, GrimHex, New Babbage, and Rest stop clinics. Hospitals can be set as respawn locations following player death and can also be used to heal critical injuries.

Personal Inventory: Manage your loadout, personal inventory, and external containers. With the NikNax asset manager app, players can locate and track inventory previously tied to specific locations, vehicles, off-ship crates, and their person. This will hopefully make the players think more strategically about their upcoming trip to the stars.

Dynamic Loot Generation: The new mechanic leverages the existing Harvestables system to generate containers holding randomized loot. These containers can be generated across a planet surface, or at designated spawn points. 

Origin 400i: Originally revealed at CitizenCon 2951, the Origin 400i makes its flyable debut in the Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences. The ship was designed to look pretty and handle beautifully, but it's also fuel-efficient and beefy against damage.

Crusader Hercules Starlifter A2: The A2 bomber has been used to devastating effect in airborne assaults, search and rescue operations, and landing initiatives.

New Bombing Mechanic: The new bombing mechanic introduced with the Starlifter A2 adds extra layers of tactical gameplay, allowing players to devise new strategies in both offensive and defensive scenarios. New bomb UI offers pilots a hi-tech solution for targeting while retaining skill-based, manual aiming.

New Infiltrate/Defend Missions: New mission modifiers that challenge players with defending objectives against waves of enemies in all-out assaults or avoiding detection have been introduced with both lawful and unlawful variants.

Full details on the Star Citizen -- Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences update.

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