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Just Cause 4 DLC Dare Devils of Destruction release date revealed

Published: 13:43, 17 April 2019
Square Enix
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Just Cause 4

Square Enix officially announced the first expansion for Just Cause 4 named Dare Devils of Destruction. The expansion is scheduled to arrive on 30 April 2019 and it will bring new missions, weaponised vehicles and three new challenge modes.

Avalanche Studios, the developer behind Just Cause 4 and the publisher Square Enix have officially announced a new DLC for the game, coming at the end of April 2019. The new DLC is called Dare Devils of Destruction and as the name suggests it focuses on vehicular destruction in which you'll have to “destroy, drive and survive.”

Dare Devils of Destruction's content includes a lot of new missions, game modes and 16 brand new weaponised vehicles that you can drop in at any moment. 

The three challenge modes include Survival, Run and Rampage. In Survival, you'll get to race through a gauntlet of landmines while avoiding many obstacles like wrecking balls and rings of fire.

Run challenge mode adds extreme weather and high-speed stuns that you'll have to complete while combating other competitors with a variety of weapons. As you may know, the weather effects are a pretty big thing in Just Cause 4 and tornadoes, lightning strikes and blizzards should add even more challenge to this particular mode.

Avalanche Studios are also introducing an arena-style mode named Rampage. In this challenge mode, you'll fight the opponents and complete targets in the closed arena to achieve the biggest score and win the match.

Just Cause 4's Dare Devils of Destruction DLC is the first of three expansions in the game's season pass named Dare Devils, Demons and Danger. Avalanche Studios and Square Enix promise to bring more vehicles, new modes, weapons, challenges and activities with each DLC.

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The new DLC is landing on 30 April 2019 but if you purchased the Gold Edition of Just Cause 4, Dare Devils of Destruction is coming on 23 April 2019, meaning that you're getting a seven days early access to the new content.

Just Cause 4 is available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Just Cause 4, shooter by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix

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