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Spider-Man: Miles Morales will showcase PS5's fast loading, ray-tracing, 3D audio

Published: 00:44, 19 June 2020
Updated: 08:39, 19 June 2020
Insomniac Games
Spider-Man: Miles Morales fighting a villain
Spider-Man: Miles Morales, surfin' USA

Insomniac Games finally shed more official light on Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and confirmed that it will put PlayStation 5's fast loading, ray-tracing, 3D audio and controllers to great use.

After seeing the PlayStation 5 demo for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, most fans assumed it's a brand new game. Learning it's an expansion and enhancement of the original game somewhat dampened the excitement, but Insomniac stressed that this is a meaningful addition to the franchise that's neither a cash grab nor a mere tech demo for PlayStation 5. 

That said, Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be showcasing all the flagship features of Sony's next-gen console, and it's hard to think of a better title to do so. 

"We are also excited for the game to demonstrate the power of PlayStation 5 this holiday. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales will show off near-instant loading, ray-tracing, 3D audio and the DualSense controller", they said. 

Characters have been upgraded with 4D Scans and improved skin shading, along with spline-based, lifelike hair movement. We're not yet sure about the puddles though, so we'll have to see about that.

"As you experience Miles's story, you’ll see, hear, and feel things in a whole new way, all thanks to PS5", Insomniac said, and they weren't just referring to the tech. Comparing the game's scope to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the dev explained that it's something they've been planning for a while. 

Sony Spider-Man Miles Morales screenshot showing the main protagonist Spider-Man Miles Morales

They stressed that Spider-Man: Miles Morales comes with a meaningful and impactful story arc, new villains and unique quests . Following up the success that was Spider-Man definitely won't be an easy task, but Insomniac haven't given us a reason to mistrust them thus far, so bring on the next chapter.

Spider-Man (2018) by Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive

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