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SpeedRunners is now available on PlayStation 4

Published: 10:07, 06 July 2017

After launching on Xbox One early last month, SpeedRunners is now also available on PlayStation 4. The indie Steam hit took 4 years to get there, but it is now playable on most current generation gaming devices you can plug a joypad into. Except for the Nintendo Swtich.

The strange and addictive blend of side-scrolling platformer and multiplayer racing game that is SpeedRunners is now available on PlayStation 4. It is unusual that a game so perfectly suited for living room party sessions took so long to expand beyond its PC roots and arrive on consoles.

DoubleDutch SpeedRunners SpeedRunners

"If you had never played it, imagine Mario Kart as a side-scrolling game where 4 players have to knock each other off-screen using different weapons and pick-ups. Now imagine a skill-ceiling of an Esports game, and you've got a good idea of what SpeedRunners is", the game's publisher tinyBuild explained in their PlayStation 4 release .

That isn't just an idle boast. SpeedRunners has been recognised as an eSport by , but sadly tournaments might be a little hard to find at the time of writing. That may change now, when PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players swell the user base beyond the 1,5 million who already own the game on Steam.

YouTube SpeedRunners SpeedRunners

Four years after debuting on Early Access SpeedRunners is still around, might there be a Nintendo Switch version in the cards?

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