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Sony have secured some big third party exclusives, source claims

Published: 11:59, 22 June 2020
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Sony may have purchased some big third party games for PlayStation 5 and could announce them in the upcoming months according to the latest info from reliable sources.

Earlier this month, Sony executive vice-president Simon Rutter stressed that exclusives are still "hugely important, more important than they’ve ever been." And while some would certainly disagree and would love to see games available on most platforms, it is safe to say that exclusives won't be going anywhere for years to come.

Sony already revealed some of their upcoming projects including the breathtaking Horizon Forbidden West, Demon's Souls Remake and Ratchet and Clank but it seems that more PlayStation 5 reveals are just around the corner.

According to WindowsCentral's Jez Corden, the Japanese tech giant have secured some big third party exclusives, which are set for a reveal sometime in August 2020. "Don't be surprised if in August you see major franchises having exclusive games on PlayStation 5," Corden said in a podcast.  

Sony Horizon Forbidden West screenshot showing jungle Horizon Forbidden West

Now, since this is far from an official confirmation, a good dose of scepticism is desirable but we have been hearing similar rumours for months now. It also makes perfect sense for Sony to get some big titles as timed exclusives since most of their first-party exclusives will not be PlayStation 5 launch titles. 

Horizon Forbidden West is targeting 2021 release window while God of War is yet to be unveiled so it would not be surprising if Sony decided to fill these spots with some third-party heavy hitters.

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