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Sony backpedals, Horizon Forbidden West PS5 upgrade will exist

Published: 09:48, 06 September 2021
Horizon Forbidden West screenshot
Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy's adventures may become available to a much wider audience as Sony reversed their terrible decision about double dipping with Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West is easily one of the most anticipated titles that are coming out in the near future and receiving the news that you would have to pay for it twice probably felt like an absolute backhand slap across the face to the faithful fans. 

Sony didn't just decide you would have to buy a copy twice in order to run the game if you're wondering. The double-dipping refers to the company deciding to separate PS4 and PS5 versions of the game entirely unless you buy Digital Deluxe or a more expensive edition. With just the standard one on PS4, you would have to buy the full game again if you wanted to play on PS5 in the future.

Thankfully, after a lot of pressure from the player base, Sony decided to backpedal on this decision but they did not all future in-house titles that are purchased for PS4 will require a $10 payment to become available on PS5. Some of the examples of this pricing were the next God of War and Gran Turismo 7.

That said, Horizon Forbidden West cross-gen upgrade will be available at no extra cost , in order to honour the initial promise that was made quite a while ago.

This is good news for those who were despairing over having to buy the game twice from the same store but it's still far from perfect.

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