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Skye brings AoE healing to Valorant

Published: 00:56, 09 October 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Skye
Valorant - Skye

Riot Games announced a new agent that is coming to Valorant soon. She is named Skye and is going to give Sage a run for her money as the first direct competition when it comes to healing.

Skye is apparently an agent of Valorant that is not used to playing with humans on their team which is quite ironic since she will be of vital importance to her team, literally.

One of her abilities makes her heal all the teammates in a large area which is something not even Sage can do. With good enough coordination, this is bound to become a clutch ability and something that could make or break a meta.

Her other abilities include a flashbang in the form of a small bird that flies in a straight line and can pass through small openings such as the window in the small tunnel on Ascent.

Furthermore, Skye seems to be proficient at intel gathering as well, something that Sage can only do if opponents are running over her ice orb. One ability has Skye send out a wolf that can be controlled while another one can send out several units that will seek out enemies.

Overall, she seems to be a complete package as the abilities allow her to play in several different styles. Flashbangs for duelling, two abilities for intel gathering and the AoE heal for keeping the team alive.

Somehow we get a feeling that Raze will soon cease being the most annoying agent in the field.

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