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Sinatraa suspended from Valorant tournament over sexual abuse allegations

Published: 01:12, 11 March 2021
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Sentinels ran into trouble with a sudden roster change due to allegations of sexual misconduct by their star player, Jay "Sinatraa" Won.

Sentinels were the favourites for VCT Masters One but the proclivity for drama and controversy of some of the team's members may end up messing with their results.

Sinatraa, formerly Overwatch wunderkind before switching to Valorant, has been implicated in sexual abuse allegations as his ex-girlfriend came out with a statement on Twitter. The content of the statement itself is pretty graphic and allegations extremely serious so we will leave the explicit tone out of the article but you can check out her story on the provided link.

Normally, one would stop and wait for due process before punishing a player and fans might think Sentinels' decision to suspend Sinatraa to be premature or rushed but the fact is that the aforementioned allegations have damning evidence attached to them.

There are several private conversation images that shed light on some unsavoury exchanges as well as a voice recording that certainly doesn't look, or rather sound good for the Valorant pro.

All things considered, there is bound to be a lot of backlash on the internet before investigations are concluded. Sentinels launched their own investigation into the matter but Sinatraa will not be playing for the duration of the process.

It's pretty safe to assume that his future with the organisation depends on the outcome of the investigation but it also remains to be seen how the team will perform without the player during Masters.

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