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Do Balrogs fit into loot boxes? - New Shadow of War trailer

Published: 15:05, 21 August 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War

The latest bit of promo material for Middle-earth: Shadow of War teases the less sentient and more primal creatures inhabiting the game's world. It also rekindles the age old question of "Can a fire be put out by dry leaves?"

The latest Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer shows some of the monsters that will make an appearance in the game. From the looks of it some of the critters from will be making another appearance with a fresh coat of paint, alongside new ones such as trolls and drakes.

YouTube Middle-earth: Shadow of War Middle-earth: Shadow of War

While all of that is fun and interesting, the real meat of the matter can be found in the comment sections of the various Monsters of Mordor trailers. Yes, microtransactions.

A lot of people seem to still be quite bitter over the microtransactive features in Shadow of War. This is unusual because gamers tend to forget slights of this particular brand with astonishing ease. Whether disgruntled fans will have an impact on the game's sale figures remains to be seen, but if customer behaviour from the past is anything to go by it is unlikely.

Gamers tend to shake their collective fists at publishers for while simultaneously throwing money at them through the entire ritual. There is no indication that this practise will change for Shadow of War.

Monolith Middle-earth: Shadow of War - The Agonizer Middle-earth: Shadow of War - The Agonizer

Middle-earth: Shadow of War would have released tomorrow if WB and Monolith had kept their original release schedule, but the game was delayed to 10 October 2017. Would the game have released on time if development resources weren't spent on microtransaction systems? We will never know.

Monolith MIddle-Earth: Shadow of War - Shelop-shaped wedge MIddle-Earth: Shadow of War - Shelop-shaped wedge

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