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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War just got a story trailer

Published: 14:31, 08 June 2017
Updated: 15:46, 08 June 2017
A view of a Middle-earth dwelling from the game Shadow of War
Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War just got a story trailer and it's fine. Revenge, drums, a few new characters and some horrible lip-sync animation; more or less what we have come to expect recently. It looks a lot like a trailer for some Hollywood movie, but this is a story trailer, so that is ok I guess.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War was recently delayed into into October 2017, but we now have a story trailer to compensate for the delay.

A few interesting things show up in the trailer. First of which is an orc that is all glowy-like, similar to Talion himself. Might this mean that there is an orc on the loose with the same mind controlling abilities as Talion? This would make for an interesting twist from a gameplay perspective, maybe even multiple factions to go to war against, and not just your standard feral Uruks.

Monolith A painting of a glowing orc creature from the game Shadow of War Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Glowing ork-dude

On top of that, there is a grim-dark emo kind of totally not chick version of Drizzt Do'Urden dual wielding elf lady out hunting people corrupted by the rings of power. As expected she threatens to gut Talion should he fall prey (Did I just type prey? I meant prAey, sorry , please leave the lawyers out of this one, ok?) to one of the rings. Might a moral choice system be in the works as well? 

Monolith Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Cosplaybait Lady Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Cosplaybait Lady

I'm not really an expert in Lord of the Rings lore. A lot of people assure me that Shadows of Mordor got the spirit of The Lord of the Rings all wrong. I sadly can't attest to that, but I've been playing through the first series entry recently and it definitely is a lot more edgy than I expected it to be considering what I know of the source material.

Are any of these characters, glowing orc-dude or cosplay-bait-lady represented in the canon somewhere? As with all deeply developed fictional worlds I expect the internet to be all over the trailer, pointing out eventual inconsistencies in the blink of an eye.

Monolith Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Overlord Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Overlord

More info will likely be coming in a few days during E3. It's also nice to see WB actually releasing some information on their game, even if it's in trailer form, rather than just it.

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