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Sega wants more "global hits"

Published: 09:02, 15 May 2017
Persona 5

Sega released their "Road to 2020 business presentation" in which they talk about reviving old IPs and developing new ones. Their goal is to "create titles that will become global hits" and publish them simultaneously all around the world.

Full year results from Sega revealed that Persona 5 and Total War: Warhammer fared quite well and gave the company quite a leg up. Persona 5 released worldwide in April this year, six months after it launched in Japan, and it already has the "1.5 million units shipped" checkpoint passed. 

Total War: Warhammer shipped half a million units in just 72 hours. Let that sink in for a moment. Total units sales from the fiscal year added up to 10.28 million, and the new sales make up nearly half of that with 5.24 million units.

Sega Total War: Warhammer Total War: Warhammer

In their Road to 2020 business presentation, they dedicated a couple of pages to the topic named "Create titles that will become global hits", marking it as a "Major Issue". In that, they plan to "Transition from diversified investment to focused investment" and "Create system to promote global development".

These brilliant ideas seem so straightforward when someone else thinks of them first, don't they?

As far as the IPs are concerned Sega plans to breathe new life into the old ones, push forward on the existing ones, and work on new and external IPs. They also plan on "Multi-channel development" and releasing the new games simultaneously around the world. 

That multi channel development means that developed IPs will see releases for mobile devices, PCs and gaming consoles. 

Obsidian Entertainment Alpha Protocol Alpha Protocol

After the news broke and went live, Obsidian tweeted simply "You don't say. What if...?" followed by a link to Gematsu's article about "revival of major IPs". The tease made a lot of fans tweet at the developer saying that their favourite game Alpha Protocol is ripe for a "revival" treatment.

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