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Rust's March update to add a tunnel system, console beta coming soon

Published: 02:45, 04 March 2021
Facepunch Studios
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Facepunch Studios have given players a heads up for the March update to their survival title Rust, which will be adding a tunnel system and work carts.

In spite of getting a bit long in the tooth, Rust has had quite the resurgence lately, where Facepunch showed their marketing skills are at least as good as their game development.

Before we dive in, though, Facepunch announced that Rust will be getting a closed limited beta testing session in North America and Europe. Unfortunately, there's no official start date, so we reckon it will still be a while before it arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As for the March update, Rust is getting a vast underground tunnel network, which will run alongside the existing means of transportation. 

Roaming the tunnels is not exactly a walk in the park, though, as the pedestrian sections are populated by so-called tunnel dwellers, who aren't interested in making friends. 

Once you've passed the tunnel dwellers and reached Rust's new train station(s), you can travel where you please. Note that there's some loot to be found and perhaps more importantly, there's no radiation down there.

Another feature of the rail network are driveable work carts, which have 1,000 health and can only be damaged by dynamite and/or collisions. Thankfully, they can be repaired, but be mindful of tunnel dwellers and barricades.

The driver of the Rust cart cannot wield weapons but takes 50 per cent less damage, so it's best to make sure you have ample cover onboard when doing railway shenanigans. 

There are some new slot machines in Bandit Town too. Stay tuned for the rest of the changes, as Facepunch will be providing full patch notes for the March update later today.


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