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Rune: Ragnarok is now Rune 2, will launch as Epic Store exclusive

Published: 08:36, 23 May 2019
Updated: 09:25, 23 May 2019
rune 2 screenshot showing a viking warrior bracing for dragon attack
Rune 2

Human Heads Studios' Rune 2, formerly known as Rune: Ragnarok is just around the corner and will launch as an Epic Games Store exclusive it's been confirmed by the developers. The game also got a new trailer that showcases its features.

You may remember action RPG Rune from the early 2000s for its poor AI and detailed limb-hacking violence. In just a couple of months, Rune is getting a long-awaited sequel, which was first considered almost 20 years ago. 

Initially, the sequel was named Rune: Ragnarok, but in the latest announcement by the development team Human Head Studios it's been confirmed that Rune sequel will be called simply Rune 2.

According to the official description, Rune 2 is set in a Norse universe "during the end of days". It's an epic action RPG with giant beasts, gods and various other creatures from Norse mythology.

You play as a chosen one who has to save Midgard and you'll have special and powerful abilities in order to do so. The game will support co-op so you can take on Loki with friends. 

Human Head Studios also confirmed that Rune 2 will launch as an Epic Games Store exclusive. The release date is still unknown, but the devs are aiming for Summer 2019 release date. We've been waiting 18 years for a new Rune game, a couple of months more won't bother us at all.

The details about the game's mechanics are pretty scarce at the moment and apart from a few shots in the trailer, nothing has been revealed by the developer. The trailer mainly focuses on the combat but we can also see a glimpse of building and exploring, including sea travels and more.

EGS rune 2 screenshot showing a viking warrior in battle with two giants Rune 2

As for the PS4 and Xbox One version, at the moment, there is no official confirmation if Rune 2 will ever arrive to consoles. If Rune 2 looks like your cup of tea, you can tune in on Twitch on 24 May 2019, 1 PM PST to learn more about the game. The devs will hold a live stream and reply to all kinds of questions from the community.

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