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Rumour: Xbox Series X GPU is more powerful than AMD RX 5700 XT

Published: 16:40, 26 December 2019
artwork showing radeon 5700 graphics card
Radeon 5700

AMD is enjoying massive success following the praise of both Ryzen CPUs and the RX 5700 XT GPU series. However, they are rumoured to have overdone themselves in the console section, as Xbox Series X GPU is said to be better than any Navi GPU so far.

PC enthusiasts have had several treats from AMD in July 2019. Two of the most popular are the Ryzen 5 3600 CPU which keeps popping up in "best value for gaming" videos and articles and the RX 5700 GPU series. The latter is Navi-based and the GPUs from the series have been trending since their release.

However, that seems to be likely to change by Holiday season 2020 when the next generation of consoles pops up. According to Digital Foundry, , the GPU frequency of the custom Navi-based design will be higher than in any of the Navi-based Radeon GPUs on PC so far. This includes the RX 5700 and 5700 XT series.

Naturally, each coin has two sides and the bad side of the upcoming Xbox Series X's GPUs is that increasing the frequency will push up the power consumption of the console. This does not seem like a terrible trade-off at the moment since the potential jump between the generation looks like a rather large one so far.

 Traditionally, the console hardware was underclocked compared to that used on PC but this matter may be subject to change in the next-gen. Furthermore, the price tag may jump when compared to the current-gen consoles but this has not been officially confirmed and if the prices remained somewhat same, it wouldn't be a .

Microsoft Xbox Series X console and controller Xbox Series X

Anyway, it remains to be seen how teams Red and Green will prepare for PC's hardware competition once the new consoles start rolling out.

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