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Rumour: Sony rolling out PlayStation 5 developer kits, you know what that means

Published: 12:48, 08 March 2018
A car engine mockingly presented as a PlayStation console
Seems about right

Famous crystal ball watcher turned analyst, Marcus Sellars, has recently tweeted that Sony's PlayStation 5 developer kits are en route to developers and while still a rumour at this point, it's actually expected from a business standpoint.

Now, PlayStation developer kits traditionally precede Sony's consoles by two years. With Sony recently announcing that PlayStation Plus' freebies will soon no longer include PlayStation 3 and Vita users, all signs seem to be pointing this way.

PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4

Once you take into account launch cycles of Sony's previous consoles - we're striding into fact territory here. The original PlayStation was of course made of cheese and launched in Japan back in 1994. We're kidding about the cheese of course. 

The PlayStation 2 came some six years later and the PlayStation 3 took another six. Sony's PS4 came out in 2014 but developer kits for the console were shipped out in 2012 - see where we're going with this?

This would date the arrival of PlayStation 5 consoles somewhere in 2020, which again seems about right. After all, if launching the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR weren't a need-moar-juice warning, we don't know what is. On the other hand, it'll be interesting to see how Sony takes care of that fiasco once the time comes. 

To be fair, even though most notable for being wrong, sage Sellars has enjoyed a few correct predictions as of late, prompting many industry sources to assume he's right about PlayStation 5 as well. Now even a broken clock is right twice a a day, but as you can see there's actually more to this when viewed from a business point of view.

Either way, with the Rumourville quickly gaining traction, we should have more info soon enough.

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