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Borderlands 3 release date and Epic Store exclusivity leaked

Published: 19:26, 01 April 2019
Updated: 19:31, 01 April 2019
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Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is coming on 13 September 2019 and it could be an Epic Games Store exclusive according to Twitter content that was published and quickly deleted by Gearbox Software. At the moment, Gearbox are yet to comment on the matter.

It looks like Gearbox Software accidentally leaked the release date of Borderlands 3 in one of their Twitter posts earlier today. In a picture that you can see below, Gearbox revealed that Borderlands 3 is releasing on 13 September 2019 and also confirmed Gold Weapon Skins Pack as a bonus if you decide to pre-order the game.

The picture was quickly deleted but as you know, the Internet never forgets and screenshots of the tweet started to appear on Twitter, Reddit and forums like ResetEra. You may say that Gearbox are just messing around with us because April Fools' Day, but this one really doesn't feel like that at all.

First, the release date looks pretty legit and close to some previous leaked reports, and second, the tweet would definitely stay if the release date was indeed April Fools' Day prank. It just doesn't make sense at all to reveal a false release date and then quickly delete it. It's not funny or interesting whatsoever.

Along with the release date leak, Gearbox also accidentally revealed that Borderlands 3 could be an Epic Games Store. In a short video that was also shared and quickly deleted by Borderlands 3 Twitter, Epic Games Store logo appears in the bottom left corner along with Gearbox and 2K Games logo. You can see it below.

This, of course, doesn't mean that Borderlands 3 will release only on Epic Games Store but Steam's logo is nowhere to be found in the video. To make this one even more legit, Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford tweeted back in December 2018 that he is excited to support Epic Games Store, describing Epic Games as a company with great people who care about the health of gaming industry and the value of creators big and small.

Gearbox picture showing borderlands 3 tweet Deleted tweet

The official confirmation of the Borderlands 3 release date and platforms is scheduled for 03 April 2019.

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