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FIFA 19 lists top 100 players, Ronaldo pips Messi at the post

Published: 17:13, 12 September 2018
Updated: 17:16, 12 September 2018
EA Sports logo with L. Messi left and C. Ronaldo right of it
FIFA 19, Messi and Ronaldo

As a living proof that you'll see it all if you live long enough, EA have actually gotten something right on their first take as FIFA 19's list of top 100 players put Christiano Ronaldo ahead of Leo Messi with an identical overall score.

Of course, FIFA 19's overall score is just a statistical approximation of players' abilities rather than a definitive fact. Ironically, any attempt at comparing Ronaldo to Messi is bound to fall flat for this very reason - real football offers no clear cut answers and overall ratings.

As far as individual stats go, FIFA 19 ranks Messi and Ronaldo pretty close too. However, these slight variations tend to make a huge difference and if you know where to look - they can tell a powerful story.

Having been forged in the crucible of Sir Alex's Manchester United, Ronaldo has grown from a scrawny weakling into a player every bit as tough as he is dangerous. His physique rating obviously trumps that of Messi, which is quite representative of the real world.

When it comes to passing and dribbling though, Messi takes the cake, as his diminutive figure lends itself well to Barcelona's Tiki-Taka play style. Their defense stat is probably the most accurate of all because let's face it - both of them suck equally in that respect.

Sitting behind the top two are Neymar da Silva, Messi's former colleague, and Luka Modric, Croatian midfield maestro who seems to be only getting better with age. The usual suspects like Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Luis Suarez are also among the top ten.

Peculiarly enough, Manchester United's David De Gea made the top 10, which is quite the feat for a lowly goalie. He and Sergio Ramos are actually the only two defenders in the list.

EA Sports Comparison of FIFA 19's in-game stats for Ronaldo and Messi FIFA 19, Ronaldo and Messi

FIFA 19 launches on 28 September 2018 although EA already managed to spark some controversy by ignoring clear directives by Belgian authorities to remove loot boxes from FIFA 18 and 19. As things stand, they may actually face in the country so you may want to hold off any purchases until it's safe to do so.

The top 10 list goes as follows, while the full top 100 list can be found .

  • C. Ronaldo
  • L. Messi
  • Neymar
  • L. Modric
  • K. De Bruyne
  • E. Hazard
  • S. Ramos
  • L. Suarez
  • D. De Gea
  • T. Kroos


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