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Red Dead Online getting NPC bounty hunters in the upcoming update

Published: 18:51, 12 February 2019
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Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar have shared a list of features which are coming with the next Red Dead Online update, scheduled for 26 February 2019. The update will introduce NPC bounty hunters and a new system to highlight overly aggressive players on the map.

Red Dead Online is set for another batch of fresh features coming in the next update. Rockstar shared a detailed list of additions they've been working on in the last couple of months and they include enhancements to the game’s open world, including a new Law and Bounty system, weapons balancing, changes to player blips on the mini-map and more. 

One of the biggest additions is the introduction of NPC bounty hunters hunting for players who have racked up high bounties. According to the update notes, criminal behaviour will have bounty values and honour consequences that scale based on the severity of the crime.

The most severe crime will be killing other players, while assaulting townsfolk or animal cruelty will give you a lesser bounty if the crime is reported. Other crime like looting and ransacking will only affect your honour.

Once your bounty exceeds a certain threshold, you will be wanted dead or alive, and the higher your bounty the more difficult the pursuit becomes. So think twice before starting a bar fight.

Another big change is the increased visibility of overly aggressive players. If your playstyle becomes more hostile towards others, your map position will become more visible to other players. The shorter the time between the bad acts, the more visible you become.

Rockstar are also reducing the visibility of blips over long distances, which means that your map position won’t display to other players unless you are within 150 meters, and if you are slightly further away you will only appear if you shoot a weapon. The developers introduced this change to prevent players from being repeatedly targeted across the map at long distances.

Rockstar picture showing arthur morgan in rdr2 Red Dead Redemption 2

Other additions are Daily Challenges, which will include foraging for herbs, selling items at a Fence, hunting and skinning animals, clearing hideouts, winning Feuds and more.

Rockstar also rebalanced some weapons including Varmint Rifle, which will have its accuracy brought more in line with other longarm weapons. Voice chat will now work at closer proximity while there are also numerous fixes to horse cargo.

You can check Rockstar's website for a detailed description of .

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Red Dead Redemption 2
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