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Rockstar fixes GTA Online spectator invite exploit

Published: 13:38, 08 March 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online
GTA Online

GTA Online players found themselves victims of a new exploit in the past few days but it appears that Rockstar Games put an end to the issue.

GTA Online players had to deal with an exploit that would literally make the game unplayable for them in the past week. Some numbskulls would cause massive invite spam to spectate and the victims could initially ignore these but the bad actors evolved this into forced session changing to spectate rather quickly.

Rockstar Games announced they are aware of the issue and the fix would be forthcoming and it appears we are receiving the first dose of it. The devs have shut down spectator invites entirely for the time being, which effectively plugged the whole the exploiters were using.

Technically, this workaround could affect some players in a bad way, if they actually used the invite system for spectating but it's believed these individuals are few and far between. 

Those who wish to spectate can do so of their own volition without getting an invite so the bad sides of the workaround essentially come down to being a minor inconvenience while all those who were targeted by forced spectator mode can now enjoy the game again.

Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives by far and players will likely be happy they can access their favourite grind once again.

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