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Rocket League update to introduce post-match grouping

Published: 21:22, 07 October 2019
Rocket League

Ever felt like you really clicked with your team but couldn't keep playing with them after a Rocket League match? The update slated for 14 October 2019 will rectify that and add more quality of life improvements.

Psyonix announced an update that is due next week in Rocket League and it has plenty in store for everyone. Not the literal store. The probably most important addition is post-match grouping. 

Other competitive games, like Overwatch for example, had this feature for a while - in case you happen to be favoured by matchmaking and wind up with synergetic teammates, you can vote to stay in the same team for the upcoming match(es). Once it arrives, the Party-Up feature will work in a similar manner. Players will get the chance to click on the button and stay with the same team for the next game. Some new friendships are likely to sprout thanks to this addition.

Another quality of life change is the boost meter colour. Players will have more clarity due to default boost meters taking either blue or orange colour in order to differentiate each team's meters. It will also take on custom team colours and alter the meters' appearance if you have a colourblind mode on.

The News panel will receive a visual makeover and two new teams, Complexity and Spacestation Gaming will be supported with new esports items added to the shop.

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Considering the time of the year, it is no surprise this update will contain some Halloween decorations as well as a featured mode. According to the blog post, it will "flip what you expect from the usual Haunted Hallows" but Psyonix didn't divulge much info, simply asking fans to stay tuned for more information.

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