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Rocket League for PC is free this weekend, Dropshot tryouts

Published: 10:00, 05 May 2017
Updated: 10:50, 09 May 2018
Rocket League - The Fate of the Furious - Clean Cut

Windows, Linux or macOS - you can play Rocket League for free this weekend, as long as you are playing it on a PC. If you manage to have some fun during the weekend, the game can also be acquired at a discount until the following Monday.

In case you already haven't set the weekend aside to try out The Division for , Rocket League is also asking for your attention. The runaway multi-platform indie hit will be free via Steam until 8 May 2017. Plenty of time to decide if you want to buy the game - unlike coming out today, with no demo and an arrow pointing towards Steam's refund system for those who just want to give it a short spin before deciding to purchase on PC. 

Psyonix Rocket League Rocket League

Rocket League is also 30 per cent off with during this period, bringing the price down to roughly £10 for the game all on its own, and £14 for the Game of the Year edition, which includes some DLC and the like.

Psyonix keeps adding content to the game every now and then, like the recent free Dropshot mode, so hopping back in and having a look at what changes are made from update to update might also be a good idea for players who already own the game. On top of that, it is always fun to show the influx of new players, that usually comes bundled with free weekends, that they have a lot to learn - gently (a.k.a. n00bPwn@ge).

Psyonix Rocket League anitmated promo gif for the Dropshot game mode Rocket League - Dropshot

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