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Rocket Arena by EA and Final Strike Games gets launch date

Published: 02:24, 20 June 2020
Rocket Arena character with a bazooka
Rocket Arena, do you feel lucky?

EA and Final Strike Games have set an official launch date for Rocket Arena, and the 3v3 rocket shooter hits the shelves on July 14, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The general goal behind Rocket Arena was to come up with something innovative rather than just make it a Team Fortress 2 Soldier simulation. In short, the game has:

  • Non-lethal rockets that blast players rather than kill them    
  • A blast meter, rather than a health bar, that determines how far a player will fly    
  • A Knockout and Megablast mechanic    
  • Carefully tuned Rocket Jumping and Rocket Climbing    
  • In-the-action returns, allowing players to fly back into the Arena rather than respawn

Once you're hit enough times to light up your Blast Meter, the next shot is a MegaBlast that's a guaranteed KO.

Rocket Arena is set in the world of Crater, which is almost entirely made of, or powered by, rockets. Each region has its own hero that represents it in the Rocket Championship Tour.

A total of 10 characters will be available at launch, each with a unique rocket launcher, projectile and abilities. Rocket Arena developer said that more are coming and they'll be free updates. 

Rocket Arena comes with a bunch of gameplay items that let you temporarily improve dodging, boost speed, get coins, and so on. It's all about timed deployment and learning your character's strengths and weaknesses though, with the items merely a helper.

EA Rocket Arena character flying a hoverboard Rocket Arena, fly shoot and shoot some more

At launch, Rocket Arena will have 10 maps and the following modes, but EA are already announcing a live-service tempo of updates. First things first though:

Knockout - Use rockets, abilities, and items to blast your opponents out of the arena. Teams score “Knockouts’ by forcing opponents out of the arena. The team that reaches the score target first wins the match.    

Rocketball - Two teams compete to pick up the Rocketball and score it into the opposing team’s goal. You may score by either running, throwing, or blasting the Rocketball into the opposing team’s goal.    

Mega Rocket - Defend and capture the Mega Rocket zone to score points.    

Treasure Hunt – Pick up the chest and hold it to score points. You can also score points by collecting coins strewn around the map.    

RocketBot Attack [PVE] – Work with your squad to survive waves of attacks from RocketBots. Knockout enough Rocketbots to win the match.

Rocket Arena, 3v3 rocket shooter by Final Strike Games and EA

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Rocket Arena, fly shoot and shoot some more

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