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Riot Games tease another Valorant agent ahead of Kay/0 release

Published: 11:53, 22 June 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - New agent
Valorant - New agent

Riot Games are on a roll when it comes to Valorant agents as we barely had the chance to experience Kay/0 when they announced a new one.

Valorant agents are coming out of the woodwork it seems. Kay/0 is releasing on June 22, 2021, and Riot Games already teased what seems to be the next agent in line.

The agent was teased in a quick sequence of images in the Valorant Year One Anthem video, roughly at 3:22 time stamp. You can check it out yourself and we recommend watching the video in slow motion in order to get the exact image.

Fans caught it almost immediately , while an image manipulator whizz on Reddit switched the image to black and white to provide the best visibility, which you can also see on the picture above.

Some players are speculating this is an agent that Riot August was or is working on as he tends to introduce characters with oversized weapons, such as Jinx, Vi, Senna and Jhin from League of Legends. The latter two also utilise massive rifles just like the agent from the teaser.

The agent's name is currently unknown but if August is indeed behind the design, we can expect it has something to do with a Roman numeric value.

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