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Riot Games permanently ban cvMax from all competitions after whistleblowing

Published: 13:33, 20 November 2019
Updated: 13:34, 20 November 2019
Riot Games
Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho
Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho

During League of Legends Worlds 2019, former coach of Griffin exposed the mismanagement within the team, including an unfair loan of Kanavi, a junior player. Following an investigation, Riot Games Korea banned him from all competitions.

Griffin's mismanagement resulted in poor conditions for some of the players in the team and would probably still be going on had the drama during World Championship 2019 not occurred. The former head coach, Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho, talked in length about the mismanagement of Cho Gyu-nam and exposed the "slave contract" that the young prospect, Seo "Kanavi" Jin-hyeok was tricked into.

Namely, Kanavi was loaned out to JD Gaming and where he would be bound to JD Gaming for an extensive period while receiving minimum wage. Following cvMax's revelations, Riot Games Korea and KeSPA opened an investigation into the case and Kanavi was returned from the loan in the meantime.

Fast forward to 20 November 2019, Riot Games Korea released a statement on the results of the investigation. General manager, Cho Gyu-nam, was banned from all Riot Games competitions indefinitely, which was not unexpected, given the chaos that was left in his trail.

The controversial part is that Riot Games also , the same person who revealed the malicious practices of the general manager and directly caused Kanavi to be released from the aforementioned contract. According to Riot Games Korea's statement, cvMax supposedly abused the players both verbally and physically, with some of them being minors at the time.

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League of Legends fans all over the world immediately reacted negatively to the news but this time around they weren't the only voice speaking out. Griffin's former marksman about the inside relations in the team, crediting cvMax with their success. 

More recently, Ha Tae-keung, a member of the Korean National Assembly on the matter, stating that whistleblowers are protected by law and should be honoured, rather than punished. Furthermore, violating these laws can put Riot Korea staff at risk of serving up to three years in a prison sentence.

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