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Rick and Morty sell out and do PlayStation 5 ad

Published: 03:18, 21 November 2020
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Rick and Morty's PlayStation 5 ad
Rick and Morty's PlayStation 5 ad

Wait, weren't Rick and Morty fans of Nintendo? Or was that just about free stuff? No matter, it's not like consistency or morals have ever stopped the dynamic duo from doing their thing anyways.

Now, we could be wrong, but it looks like Sony gave the creators the license to do as they please for the most part, and the duo really leaned on the notion of Rick and Morty selling out. Or was it the creators who sold out - who can keep track anymore?

Their contractual obligations were fulfilled though - Morty pointed out PS5's flagship features like the speed, fast loading times and DualSense controllers with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

One would assume that Rick and Morty will pocket the dough and dive into Sony's next-gen console, but one would be wrong. Let's face it - the moment that camera stopped rolling is when they're off to Blips and Chitz. I mean, PlayStation 5 is all well and good but Roy seems to be an exclusive title. 

In all seriousness, though, it's a refreshing way of advertising the next chapter of the iconic console line. Yours truly certainly prefers this format over quasi-philosophical ramblings and pretentious, Apple-grade floscules laid over CG footage invoking archetypal imagery of raw power, technologic progress and the inevitable triumph of the human spirit or whatever. 

One does not simply watch a YouTube video without checking out the comments, the large majority of which jumped on the "Play Has No Limits" slogan and the irony of PlayStation 5 supplies being very limited. 

PlayStation's CEO Jim Ryan said the company is working hard to ensure "significant supplies" before and after Christmas, albeit admitting they were "astonished" with the number of preorders.

PlayStation 5, Sony's next-gen console unveiled

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