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Respawn are testing aimbot pistol for Blisk in Apex Legends

Published: 15:28, 10 April 2021
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Kuben Blisk
Apex Legends - Kuben Blisk

Apex Legends is poised to grab a bunch of content from Titanfall in the upcoming content but it seems like Respawn are having trouble figuring out the ulti Blisk will get.

Blisk is an upcoming Apex Legends character, according to data mining, leaks and even some gameplay footage. He only seems to lack two things to become official - the announcement from Respawn and an ultimate.

It's not that the devs have no idea what to put in his ultimate but they are having trouble with finding something that is iconic enough in Titanfall series but that's not overpowered in Apex Legends.

When his abilities leaked initially , Blisk was meant to have a Titan as his ultimate but it would be autonomous and not piloted by the player. Some compared the functionality with that of Ashe's B.O.B. from Overwatch where it would pop up and fire upon enemies in a certain area but wouldn't move from it until the ulti expires.

The leak seems to have caused uproar in the community as many saw it as overpowered, long before actually getting to test it and it looks like Respawn are trying to experiment with other ideas, such as Smart Pistol.

This weapon takes aiming out of the equation and practically has aimbot integrated in its kit. However, this version of the ultimate would have only 12 bullets and would replace the weapon Blisk was holding when picking the pistol up.

Apex has notably higher TTK than Titanfall games and this alone could be enough to compensate for the massive advantage aimbot would offer - a player can take several shots from the pistol, go behind a cover and heal it all up. The one theoretical situation where this wouldn't be possible is close-quarters combat where shotguns and SMGs should be able to outperform the gun anyway.

Furthermore, Blisk is not gaining any ulti charge while holding a Smart Pistol on him, making it impossible to have more than 12 rounds in a single combat engagement.

Keep in mind that the character is still under development and there is still a lot of testing to go through before Respawn decide on what to give him as an ultimate.

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